What is the Indiana Family Institute?

The Indiana Family Institute is an 27-year-old non-partisan public education and research organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit group.

IFI consists of professional staff, a Board of Directors consisting of State business and community leaders, and numerous volunteers. We work in association with 38 other Family Policy Councils across the nation as well as Focus on the Family, but the vast majority of our work and effort centers on public policy, research, and education regarding the health and well-being of all Hoosier families.

We believe firmly that the family is the key institution of society, and that the overall health of any city, state, region or nation is largely determined by the health of this bedrock institution. An already large and growing body of published, peer-reviewed social science research confirms this age-old wisdom that traces its history back to Socrates, the Hebrew Scriptures and beyond. As such, we are committed to strengthening and improving the marriages and families of all Hoosiers and seek to partner with other organizations, groups and individuals who share that same great mission.

Under the banner of "Uniting Communities to Strengthen Families" IFI engages in the following areas:

IFI works to preserve pro-family policy already within State Government, push for additional policies that will strengthen Indiana families and educate voters on where their elected officials stand on issues that affect Hoosier families.

In order for Indiana to be the best place possible to raise a family, our state must have wise leaders.  We train the young professionals of today to become the principled leaders of tomorrow through hands on leadership training, worldview study and an in depth study of our states most pressing needs.