Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Mike Pence's thoughts at the Values Voter Summit

Former IFI Board member and current U.S. Representative Mike Pence spoke at the Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit recently.  Congressman Pence, master communicator, caught my attention with his explanation of the health care reforms being debated in Washington.  The main plan before Congress contains what many are calling the "public option."  Congressman Pence correctly calls it a government run insurance plan that will lead to a government takeover of healthcare in this country.  
Government run insurance.  That would be bad news for Hoosier families.  It's interesting how liberals want to stifle competiton among private businesses, like putting Walmart out of business, but they are all for "competition" when it comes through creating government run health insurance.   It's one thing for a private company to work more efficiently and create products at a cheaper price than their competition.  It's quite another for government to drive all private health insurance companies out of business through force of law.  There is no true competition between government and private industry.  The government can take losses and pass it off on taxpayers.  Private companies cannot. 

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Thank you so much for putting Mr. Pence's address on the site. I tried to catch as much of the conference I could on C-SPAN but I missed this one. But, Hooray, you had it for me all along!
Karyl Entner, Franklin, IN