Hoosier Leadership Series


Welcome to the Hoosier Leadership Series!

In 2006, with the support of several Indiana Congressmen, the Indiana Family Institute launched the Hoosier Leadership Series. This challenging program offers professionals the unique opportunity to interact with top state and national leaders, subject matter experts, and other conservative leaders from around the state of Indiana.

The purpose of the Hoosier Leadership Series is to create a movement of high-caliber, committed leaders from across the professional spectrum who are grounded in a principled conservative philosophy and oriented toward thoughtful cultural engagement and service to the people of Indiana and beyond. Missionally, the Hoosier Leadership Series is designed to pursue three related objectives:

  1. To identify, educate, and connect conservative leaders from around Indiana
  2. To equip those conservative leaders to utilize their respective platforms of influence to advance a conservative worldview in their life and leadership
  3. To mobilize those conservative leaders as a part of an ongoing movement to collectively impact the social, cultural, political, and spiritual landscape of Indiana.

The monthly day-long sessions offer leadership skills training, critical thinking and in-depth engagement on today's hottest topics in the public and private sectors. With a special “who’s who” of speakers and subject matter experts, combined with a trip to Washington, D.C., the Hoosier Leadership Series seeks to educate Indiana leaders on policy and culture. If you want to make a difference, then join the movement!

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The HLS Distinction, Objectives, and Value

The HLS General Policies, Candidate Selection Criteria, and Timeline

The HLS Frequently Asked Questions




Founding Congressional Sponsors:




Mike Pence

Mike Sodrel

Dan Burton

Steve Buyer



 2018 HLS XIII

 The 2018 HLS class at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington D.C.


 2017 HLS XII

The 2017 HLS class at the Indiana State Capitol


 2016 HLS XI

The 2016 HLS class with the Honorable Dan Coats

2015 HLS X

The 2015 HLS class with the Honorable Dr. Larry Bucshon


2014 HLS IX

Left to Right: Garrick Whitaker, Gary Loveless, Lawrence Gember, Robin Schilling, Faye Whitaker, Curt Smith (IFI, President), Ben Thompson, John Crane (Program Director), Congressman Marlin Stutzman (2014 Class Mentor), Jean Crane (Guest), Jackie Rhoton, Liza Taylor, Sara Hill and Chad Helton

Not Pictured: Toby Miller, Kaylan Phillips and Steve Yeaton



Left to Right: Cid McNeilly, Catherine Watkins, Jodi Smith, Penny Titus, Nick Barbknecht, Kurt Novotny, Congressman Todd Young (2013 Mentor), Ken Schmidt, Danielle Coulter, Sue Swayze (Faculty), Erin Pugh, Jim Freeman

Not Pictured: Benjamin Conner, Hre Mang, Luke Perdew, Charles Riley, Ryan Swadley and Marc Tuttle



Left to Right: Charity Kewish, Ana Carlsgaard, Ian Hauer, Robert Ordway, Mallary Pittman, Megan Bright, Hannah Staub, Tim DeLuca, Tony Singleton Back Row:  Curt Smith, IFI President, Allison McSherry, Matt Robinson, Alex Abbott, Elise Vestal, Ben McCann, Josh Marshall, Todd Scoggins, Elaisa Vahnie

Not pictured:  Chris Jozwiak




Left to Right: Row 1: Julie Rupprecht, Sharyn Kersey, Sue Swayze (faculty). Row 2: Jennifer Hardman, Skip Brown, Desmon Dobbins. Row 3: Justin Groenert, Joe McLain, Holly Walpole, Brandon Seitz, John Crane. Row 4: Michael Neal, Jacop Lucas, Ryan Clem, Melissa Acton. Row 5: Curt Smith (faculty), Derek Trovillion, Jack Middleton. Not pictured: Jonathan Tremaine Thomas.

2010 HCPLS V

Left to Right: Row 1: Elise Nieshalla, faculty, Catherine Dombrow, Myra Kinser, Terra Siedel. Row 2: Douglas Hairston, Sue Swayze, faculty, Jim Freeman, sponsor, Kevin Tichenor, Vanessa Schmuck, Row 3: Brian Schutt, 2007 alumus, Ray Hashley, Jeff Coppinger, Shane Weist, Zac Kester, Josh Hershberger, Donald Cassell. 


Left to Right: Row 1: Steve Howell, Sue Swayze (faculty), Seth Drayer, Dawn Ber, Dr. Timothy Boyd, The Honorable Becky Skillman, Indiana Lt. Governor. Row 2: Glen Asbury, David Burian, Jan Faker, Maggie Terp, Janille Myers, Terry Dove, Luke Abbott. Row 3: Ben Robertson, Scott Bieniek, Bart Lomont, Curt Smith (faculty), Sarah Ford, Joe Vanderhulst. Not pictured: Erin Abbott. 


Left to Right: Cindy Burres, Rhonda Cook, Rev. Angel Aloyo, Jackie Cissell (faculty), David Wagner, Indiana Department of Education Secretary Tony Bennett (guest speaker), Alicia Hazelwood, James Garrett, Anita Woudenberg, Caleb Lottes, Sue Swayze (faculty), Elise Nieshalla (faculty). Not pictured: Andrew Kossak, Pastor Ida Johnson.


Left to right: Tory Clark, Zach Bahorik, Matt Kistler, Kris Holzmeyer, Jim Gleason (faculty), Brian Schutt, Curt Smith (faculty), Dale Buwalda, Sally Williams, Hon. Greg Walker, Ryan McCann (’06), Jim Freeman (OneAmerica), Brian Jasper (’06), Ted Hollis, Sue Swayze (faculty).

2006 HCPLS I

Back Row: Bob Fox, Curt Smith (faculty), Nick LaGuire, Andrew Green, Ryan McCann (student and faculty), Brian Jasper, Matt Barnes   
Front Row: Elise Nieshalla (faculty), Jim Gleason (faculty), Greg Magnuson, Matt Conrad, Peter Heck, Tiffany Kidwell, Sue Swayze (faculty), Sean O'Neil 
Not Pictured: John Dean, Yvonne Thompson, Zeke Turner