Thursday, November 17, 2016
Want to make a change? Apply for our 2017 Hoosier Leadership Academy!

It's a bit early, perhaps, to ask you to begin considering participating in IFI's leadership academy, but I thought I'd start now so that you'd have some time to ponder your participation. One reason I decided to write a bit earlier is you might consider signing up with a friend, colleague or someone you want to get some extra quality time with. Participating together would then be a "two-fer."

This program enters its 12th year under the able leadership of Indiana State Sen-elect John Crane. He has taken it to the next level as an essential Biblical worldview development program for high-caliber leaders. In case you do not know the basic program well, here is a link to the application (which you can freely share) with others. It is a bit long -- but it is both the "brochure" and the application. We are all excited to have John lead us again in 2017, when he will begin serving as a state Senator in January in addition to his leadership of IFI's academy.

Key deadlines are in late February and March and the first class meets in late April. Cost is $500 but scholarships are available. The time commitment is one day a month from April through November, with an optional but highly recommended three-day trip to Washington, D.C., in September. This year (2016) we met with the eight conservative members of our state's Congressional delegation, including our senior Senator and my mentor, Dan Coats.

Call with any questions (317-423-9178 ext. 0). Click on this link http://www.hoosierfamily.org/hoosier-leadership-series for more information.



Curt Smith


Indiana Family Institute

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