Friday, July 15, 2016
IFI President response to Republican VP selection

I would like to congratulate former IFI board member, Mike Pence, on his Republican Vice Presidential selection. Truly, this is a testament to Governor Pence’s great legacy that he has built while serving Hoosiers in Washington, D.C. and Indianapolis. I thought that I would take the time to remind everyone of the tremendous public work that Mike Pence has done to minimize government interference in economic activity and how he has lived out his Christian values within his public duties.

We first got to publicly know Mike and his knack for public policy as the director of the State Policy Network affiliated, Indiana Policy Review and as an IFI board member. He then moved on to host a talk radio show where he spent a decade honing his communication skills and showing us that he is a cheerful, winsome, policy leader who is “a Christian first, then a conservative, and then a Republican.” He has truly walked the walk of a genuine believer both personally and professionally.

Mike finally won his first election to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2000 and he would go on to represent Hoosiers in Washington for six consecutive terms. While in Washington, he was a leader as Chairman of the GOP Conference and a senior member of the House International Affairs Committee. His strong Congressional record and love of public service enabled him win the 2012 Indiana gubernatorial election.

Under his stewardship, Indiana has achieved record employment levels, a bond rating better than the U.S. government, and a business climate that is the best in the Midwest according to several sources such as Forbes, Chief Executive Magazine, and the Tax Foundation. His economic record includes accelerating a tax cut that eliminated all inheritance taxes in Indiana and further attracting large manufacturing businesses by lowering Indiana’s corporate tax to the second lowest in the United States.

Most importantly, Mike has been a champion of life, religious liberty, and traditional marriage as revealed by his votes and statements while in Washington and Indianapolis. He is also an unabashed champion for Israel, protecting our borders, and a strong military. He and his wife, Karen, worship at an evangelical church in Indianapolis and have three grown children. Their son, Michael, was recently commissioned as a first lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, following graduation from Purdue University.

Mike brings serious credibility, public policy experience, and conservative values to the Republican presidential ticket this year. The last eight years of leadership in this country has left us in a very troublesome financial and moral position. American conservatives should be rejoicing at the opportunity to have a fiscally conservative and morally admirable man like Mike Pence to vote for on the Republican Presidential ticket.

Curt Smith,
President, IFI

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