Deicide: How Eliminating The Deity Is Destroying America


America's decline and her broken politics are behind nearly every headline and news story we encounter. Despair over our national dysfunction grows, but in Deicide we have a clear diagnosis of the problem and the prescription to put us back on track to a flourishing public life.
This provocative book, named for the Latin word for eliminating or destroying the Divine, argues America's decline is rooted in denying our essential national nature. That nature is rooted in the Declaration of Independence as the source of national identity as well as the source of political rights and responsibilities.
Deicide attacks the hostility to faith in public by noting we have moved from separation of church and state to segregation of church and state. Reversing this hostility will restore civil discourses and reinvigorate American politics. This concise work is for all involved in the public policy process and for all who wish better days ahead for America.
You’ve probably heard of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, but do you know the real story?  
Don’t believe the media’s lies.  
Learn what really happened from the man who not only lead the charge for religious freedom at the Statehouse, but was also willing to pay the price for liberty.
Why did the Indiana Legislature pass the notorious “Fix”?  Why did Gov. Pence sign it?  The media was so dishonest after RFRA was signed into law.  What really happened?
  • Curt makes the case that the current march towards eliminating any reference to the Deity in public life is not only a threat to religious citizens, but all Americans.

  • Curt explores how the Declaration of Independence clearly announces America as a theological idea.

  • What does it mean biblically to “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s” when we as citizens are Caesar (we select our own leaders)?  Curt explains that as America moves from the separation of church and state to a segregation of the Church by the state, it is more important than ever for followers of Christ to understand our role as citizen sovereign.  


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