2021 Legislative Agenda

SUPPORT HB 1439: Informed Notice of Coerced Abortion

SUPPORT HB 1577: Accountability for Abortion Providers

OPPOSE HB 1074: Legalization of Assisted Suicide

SUPPORT SB 202: Visitation Rights for Elderly Hoosiers

SUPPORT SB 288: Protects Children from Pornography in Libraries and Schools

SUPPORT HB 1005: Establishes ESAs and Expands School Choice 

OPPOSE HB 1366: Comprehensive Sexual Education

SUPPORT SB 224: Prohibition on Sterilization and Sex-Change Surgeries for Minors

OPPOSE SB 32/HB 1213: Free Speech Ban on Non-Affirming LGBT Speech

OPPOSE SB 33: Requires ALL Schools to Hire an "Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer"

OPPOSE SB 212: LGBT Admission Quotas for Indiana Charter Schools

OPPOSE SB 119: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Added to State Law

SUPPORT SB 289: Requires a Child's Biological Parents to Be Listed on Birth Certificate

OPPOSE HB 1131: Establishment of Hate Crimes Law

SUPPORT SB 74: Employee Religious Vaccine Exemptions

SUPPORT SB 187: Protection for Public Monuments & Religious Property

SUPPORT SB 263: Equal Protections for Churches in Public Emergencies (PASSED SENATE!)

SUPPORT HB 1370: Protection for Free Speech on College Campuses

SUPPORT SB 1: Civil Immunity for COVID-19 Exposure

SUPPORT SB 5: Legislative Balances on Health Department Enforcement

SUPPORT HB 1312: Surcharge on Social Media Networks