Monday, August 18, 2008
Without Abortion, Obama Clear Frontrunner

Calling all demographers.

With Barak Obama running well ahead among younger voters (ages 18 to 29) and far ahead among African-American voters (90 percent support), an interesting thought exercise would be to explore how far ahead he'd be if the 40 million babies aborted since 1973 were citizens today.  The age distribution is fairly easy to plot with the population pyramid beginning to show the ravages of abortion starting with the age 35 cluster. Basically one in three voters/citizens/taxpayers for each age year from 35 years down to zero is missing  That means one in three (or perhaps 14 million) 18 to 29-year-old voters is absent.

But it gets more complicated, because more minorities are aborted each year on a percentage basis (as compared to the overall population).  Right to Life of Indianapolis reports 14 million African-American babies have been aborted -- or about 35 percent of all the 40 million abortions -- since abortion was legalized in January of 1973.  African Americans are  13 to 14 percent of America's more than 300 million citizens.

Any analysis regrading Presidential elections would need even more sophisticated number crunching, including a state-by-state analysis of abortion patterns. But it stands to reason that Obama's lead would be double-digit with tens of millions of additional younger, African American voters from who he would likely win the lion's share.  That's true unless, of course, they turned out to be pro-life voters after all.

If any VR readers can walk us through the math, we'd love to see the range of projections such an exercise would produce.   


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Your cardinal assumption that there would be 40 million additional voters in the U.S.A but for as many abortions is subject to some scrutiny. It seems reasonable to assume that in a significant number of instances, had one life continued a decision would have been made either not to have an additional child. Any studies to show otherwise?

Where is Women's History Month???? Why not have these things taught in our schools...CIVIL RIGHTS> teaching our kids how much blood has been spilled in order to attain the right to vote...Who cares about all the irrelevant dates centuries ago...Teach them how to manage finances, how to raise a family, how to get a job, how to get into college.....Have a Social Services Department who can be effective...not so overwhelmed that they don’t have time to save a child from abuse or neglect...And you wonder why women deserve the right for choice?

Create a national holiday supporting the Bravery of Women....WE are the Majority of this population throughout the US.
We, the WOMEN have had to fight, scratch, and claw, our way out of the kitchen; barefoot and pregnant just to be able to support our families or pursue a career, yes a choice must be made.

Welfare or work...being beaten to a pulp by your own husband, because he is frustrated that he cannot make enough money to support the children he already has without forcing his wife to work as well...

Yes even being raped or sexually abused and knocked up by our own bosses.. And yes, if you want to keep your job and family, you tell no one...about your abortion...just as a survival tactic in this society....
Do you have any idea how devastating this is for every woman to decide?

Haunting her for the rest of her life, fearing eternal damnation....even in our service to our Country...We are being raped...do we dare speak up...NO....why you ask?

Repercussions...job loss, family disgrace, eternal damnation of your soul, I could go on and on.

I have never known a woman who has not struggled with this...forget the courts in trying to pursue a rapist...The woman is attacked...and viewed as: she brought it on herself. PURE CRAP...

Until recent years, the cops would not even arrest a man for beating his wife to pulp in a drunken rage. Calling it a domestic matter...not a crime. BS.

You mention blacks as having more abortions than anyone? HMMMMM Lets see...Blacks are by far the most uneducated, most jailed, poorest, and most profiled race in this nation...wake up.

You tell me how the hell are we as a society are supposed to pay for another 40 million people….and where would they live? Who will educate them...buy their clothes...give them a home...and who's to say they would ever even vote...

What's the numbers now on how many vote....Maybe 30 percent of the entire population of this nation?? Usually it is much less than that. Why? Because people are too afraid of losing their jobs if they take any time off to VOTE or they just don’t care enough about trying to change this totalitarian state…being lead around like sheep…by the wrong Shepard…Keep your head down…do your job…obey the oppressive laws…charge up your credit cards, just to stay in your home that you have worked all your life for…all ending in Foreclosure!!!

My husband makes less now than he did three years ago at the same company due to insurance deductible and premium increases and many longer hours for the same pay.

Ohhhh….. and they try to make him feel good about having health care at all, and just having a job should be enough…

Oh, we’ll throw you a bone …how about a 3 percent raise this year…

Absolute Brainwashing! THANK YOU NAFTA AND CHINA>

All the while he is tolling at home after work, and on the weekends, all on straight salary!

Even worse…the Contractor jobs….don’t even get me started, no benefits whatsoever. Huge corps are getting away with modern day slavery, and the government promotes it, even rewarding companies who do so. They have let the insurance companies dictate corporate policy, just to save a buck and add to the corporate bottom line. All the while, corporations tell their employees that we are barely hanging on….Right. Mr. Make 400 times more than me!

Abortions taking votes is pure crap and you know it. And if you don’t…you are the most ignorant person on the face of this planet.

Guessing you are a die hard Bible Thumper….Well I used to be too, until I found out that there was more corruption in the Church than still holding your Christian Values without feeding the plate….all tax free for the church, but not it’s members…. how Christian is that?

Stop the WAR Machine...Stop the Drug Wars.
Can’t you see history is repeating itself time after time?....i.e.: Prohibition, gangs, guns, crime, all in the name of the ALMIGHTY HIMSELF??

Take a look at any city across this land…Drug wars…murders…all over protecting their ability to earn money illegally.

Make it legal…then there will be no black markets to fight over. No more organized crime…because it wont be a crime anymore….WAKE UP PEOPLE!

People are going to do what they want to do no matter how hard they are suppressed upon by this Government...

PUT that wasted WAR money into our communities for education....

Look at Amsterdam for example...All "morality" based crimes here are legal and overseen by the government there...and their children are fed from fine china even from the daycare ages. Oh and Daycare is free, as well as a fine education!
Another fact: They have less violent crime than anywhere in the world today. Several years ago I read that they only had ONE murder in the entire country....Study that....and smoke it in your moral pipe.

War Mongering and Moral Suppression is what is driving this country down the crap hole.

Street gangs to control the sale of illegal drugs, corrupt cops that are sorely underpaid, take money for protection of the drug dealers in order to support their family and not “Get DEAD” ...hello...prohibition all over again...prostitutes passing aids...because it is illegal....When WE invented the AIDS virus...in the Congo...by allowing the Belgium Government to force the Congolese people to submit to the vaccine or die, and WE allowed them to take the untested vaccine. (They were forced to do it or die and still ended up dying from AIDS and spreading it throughout the world).

The Congolese were used as guinea pigs to test out a new oral Polio Vaccine... for U.S. Children.

Chimp’s kidneys were used instead of the other primates in the race to develop an oral polio Vaccine for this country....
Watch the documentary...hear the stories from the local people who worked there...and they go into great detail over being trained to find the Chimpanzee kidneys....

WAKE UP> God did not make this virus...Man Did...Evil Greedy MEN.

Tuskegee and Syphilis being explored on unsuspecting black men that were serving our country as a possible bio weapon...OH just let me shut up before I get really mad.

Our youth are learning to become criminals in the so called rehabilitation of PRISON and Juvenile Detention Centers… all over being caught with a sack of weed...a GOD GIVEN PLANT>..

Look at caged animals...how they become killers or completely devoid of any emotion due to neglect, abuse, and imprisonment. 2+2 still equals 4....that’s a fact Jack.

Ever been raped sir? Ever been to jail sir?
Ever had to let your boss feel you up and promise you a promotion if you submit to rape? Ever been poor Sir? My guess to these answers are NO.

Ever served your country sir? Has your family ever shed blood for our Civil Rights??

This nation has no middle class anymore...you are poor or you are rich. Period....

Since Republican Rule: The shift of wealth in this country has gone from CEO's earning 20x more than his factory workers to now over 400x the same workers. This has happened since the year of my birth...1965...in only 42 years!

Not to mention...being fired with 29 years of service, just so they wont have to pay your retirement benefits...I have seen it all first hand…..Pemco Aeroplex…a government contracted Aircraft Corporation for Overhaul and Modifications.

Now defend your position...
I wish things could return to "Mayberry" like times...but we will never do it through oppression, jail, and living in a state of panic over the threat of losing your job or going to jail for smoking a joint, instead of killing yourself with alcohol and LEGAL PRESCRIPTION DRUGS.

The FDA wont even take an Adverse Report on...all these NEW MAGIC PILLS, I have been hung up on many times...no ID number is required, no name, no location....for the call center of the FDA! Come on! This is our tax dollars at work? OH wait...we are giving it all to Iraq!!!! Building up thier war chest with all our money and security...for what? SAADAM is DEAD...move on....was never about security for the US...just greed and oil. If the government cared about egregious crimes against people, we would be in many other countries with far worse problems.

My own VA even hung up on me while trying to report adverse side effects with medications they have prescribed me.

Call centers and their Red Blinking lights….they lose their job if it takes you too long to state your case …so what do they do…hang up on you to save their own ass.

AT&T will do the same….over and over again while trying to change services, or request assistance in making a call, and that is after you work through automated press 1 -2 – 3…for 10 minutes, only to be hung up on when you finally are able to get a real person on the line.

Then the ultimate betrayal…I had to put call block on my own phone just to keep people from Pakistan or India calling me every week on behalf of AT and friggin T. No pin drop call either…shhhoooooooooo wind sounds…, static, me saying what? HUH… “No speak egwish too good…I only make 2 dollars an hour.” they would tell me. NAFTA……………real good, my government dollars at work….
My aunt retired from BellSouth….and it is only 2 miles up the road from my home, and I am getting calls from overseas? On behalf of my All American Phone Company just over the hill from my own home?

I took care of my end stage Alcoholic Father in Law for years, suffering his abuse and watching him die a horrid slow death....Have seen myself and family members suffer at the hands of so called Doctors...They are the new drug pushers in this society...taking monetary gain from big Pharm. Co's to TEST OUT A NEW DRUG...Hell yes I am mad...and determined to change it all.

Time to get your head out of the sand! Wake up...travel....get out of your little rich land and see this nation as it really is.
All I have to say about that....for now.

See ya on the HILL baby. Change is coming...I may light the fire, but I will not carry the torch...I will be carried by the millions who believe the same as I.....already in the works.

Moreover you assume that all abortions terminate pregnancies that would otherwise have resulted in healthy adults. Overwhelmingly abortions are performed early in the pregnancy and I believe that one third of pregnancies result in miscarriages. If that is true, one would think that one third of the aborted pregnancies would not have resulted in a live baby. Without considering other ways, besides abortion, that pregnancies can fail to produce voters, this argument loses credibility.