Thursday, October 13, 2011
What if Steve Jobs had never been born?

Reposted with permission by guest author, State Senator Mike Delph:
I never met Steve Jobs nor do I use many of his inventions.  Listening to Pandora over my Blue Ray allows me to create my own radio station that plays my music.  Jobs brought entertainment to our fingertips.  Whether it was the IPAD which you could watch the news or a sitcom or the IPOD through iTunes, he broke down generational and technological barriers.  But the question I have been fixated on is this, what if he was never born?  You see Jobs was adopted after his biological parents, grad students at the time, gave him up for adoption.  He could have been another in the millions of aborted babies.
But they chose life and the world is grateful.  But what about the other inhumane choices made on a daily basis.  Have we delayed the discovery for the cure to cancer, AIDS, lupus, Alzheimers?  Have we eliminated even more visionary types who could create, innovate, expand, and improve?  Just think about it for a minute, what if?  I don’t want to detract from the reflection on the life of this technological giant or inject a volatile issue during this time of deep personal grief.  But I can’t get away from the fact that this Edison of our day could have been denied life.
Many have personal and moral reasons for their positions on abortion.  Some are based on deeply held Christian tenets.  Others are based on a strong rejection of government involvement in a decision that alters not only the life of the child, but also the Mom and the Dad of the child.  We can leave those arguments for another day.  But for now, just imagine as we reflect on the life of Steve Jobs.  What if he were never allowed to live, to think, to explore the deep curiosity of his mind, and bring his thoughts to our market place.  It would have been a loss to the world and our posterity.  So thank you Steve Jobs for your many contributions.  I am grateful that you lived and so is the world.
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