Thursday, November 20, 2008
Problems over at Bilerico

My friend Bil Browning and many others over at the Bilerico Project are angry about the elections.  I understand their disappointment, but as an ardent supporter of traditional marriage, I have to admit that I was both amused by the irony of their dilemma and shocked by their response.  In the process of electing the most "GBLT" friendly President in history, the "GBLT" community simultaneously helped Marriage Amendments in California, Arizona and Florida pass, due to heavy turnout amoung African American Obama voters.  How ironic. 
What shocked me was the response from some Bilerico supporters (and I'm getting harder and harder to shock these days).  Check it out.  I give credit to Bil for not joining in on the racist attacks against the African American community.  However, I hope some of these comments will motivate more leaders in the African American community to reject the hate of the "gay rights" movement and join forces with groups like IFI who share your values on marriage.  We welcome you with open arms!
However, I can't let Bil totally off the hook.  In what I can only chalk up to frustration (I hope), while "gay" activists are lashing out in racist tirades against the African American community on his own blog, he decided it was time to type up a post which horribly and falsely castigated my good friend Micah Clark and erroneously denigrated IFI and Veritas Rex all because Micah called an anonymous commenter out for using unkind terminology in describing homosexuality.  No good deed goes unpunished...African Americans in the "GBLT" community can relate to that sentiment right about now I suppose.

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