Tuesday, January 17, 2012
"Occupy" Planned Parenthood?

The "Occupy Wallstreet" protesters need to move from Wallstreet to the street their local Planned Parenthood is located on. 
According to columnist Steve Aden in his column, "Planned Parenthood Made Me Rich, All I Got Was A Nagging Conscience":

Apart from a return to free market-based economics in DC, it seems one of the most lucrative things a CEO in need of job could do is pursue a position with one of Planned Parenthood’s 81 affiliates. After all, CEOs in those positions pulled in an average salary of $158,797 last year.
That’s a lot of money in today’s economy. And it’s there for the taking for CEO types whose consciences are not bothered by the fact that killing pre-born children, pushing sex-ed programs that brainwash preteens, and passing out contraceptives like it’s candy to kids who can’t spell “contraceptive” is all part of an average day on the job.

The CEO of the Chicago Planned Parenthood makes over $300,000! 
Note to Occupy Wallstreeters:
If you have a problem with some of the injustices that occur within the capitalist system, shouldn't bloated salaries for CEO's that oversee the murder of millions of babies nationwide be at the top of your agenda??

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