Monday, December 1, 2008
Marriage Amendment in 09

The Indianapolis Star reported today:  "Though the number of states adopting bans on same-sex marriage grows, the odds appear slim that Indiana lawmakers will give serious consideration to such a constitutional amendment next year." 
The article mentions that Republican State Senators are pushing for the IN House (controlled by Democrats) to pass the Marriage Amendment first this time, since they have taken the lead in passing it all three times in the past.   However, we heard the same rhetoric last year.  Senate Republicans are sick of Pat Bauer and the House Democrats killing the Marriage Amendment each session, so they want to put pressure on the House to go first.  However, last year they realized that Speaker Bauer will not allow a floor vote (though he has promised one in the past), so they went ahead and easily passed the Marriage Amendment out of the Senate with little opposition.  There is no reason for them not to do the same this year.  

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