Friday, March 4, 2011
Indianapolis RTL President Marc Tuttle Hits a Home Run

Awesome Letter to the Editor by Indianapolis Right to Life President, Marc Tuttle:
The following Letter to the Editor was submitted in reaction to Deborah Simon's letter that was published in papers statewide yesterday.  Ms. Simon is board chair of PP of Indiana.
Please submit your own reactions to Planned Parenthood's pleas for continued funding to your local paper.  The more the merrier...
Dear Editor:
Don't let the demonstrations at the legislature and recently introduced pro-life bills distract us.  The topic of abortion has risen to the forefront of the national news in recent months and weeks, and it hasn't been because of what is going on at the Capitol.
Beginning in early February, abortion providers were thrust into the limelight for two reasons.  First, a series of undercover videos showed a willingness by several Planned Parenthood facilities to turn a blind-eye to sex trafficking and potential sex abuse.  These videos show a shocking pattern of cover-up and a callous disregard toward the abuse of women by the nation's largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.  Here in Indiana, similar videos were recorded over a year ago by Live Action documenting Planned Parenthood of Indiana's willingness to cover-up statutory rape, offer inaccurate medical information and help guide teenagers across state lines to circumvent Indiana law. 
Second, seven pro-choice employees at a reproductive health clinic in Philadelphia were arrested and charged with murder after dead newborns were found in the basement.  The clinic, run by abortionist Kermit Gosnell, was described by authorities as a "house of horrors" because of the carnage found there.  Just last week it was announced that the crimes were so horrendous that prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Gosnell.
The worst part of the story from Philadelphia, however, was that State health officials charged with overseeing the abortion industry in Pennsylvania apparently hadn't inspected the facility since 1993, despite the deaths of two women from botched abortions.
And now, just like the characters in The Wizard of Oz, we are told to pay no attention to what is happening behind the curtain.  Planned Parenthood of Indiana is trying to distract us from what they are doing in their facilities with a staged rally downtown and letters to the editor in our state's newspapers.
"Choice" and "Reproductive Rights" are fancy words, but they don't hide the reality of what is being done and hidden behind closed doors at Planned Parenthood.  Indiana taxpayers should not be subsidizing an organization that performs abortions, promotes teen sex and hides the exploitation of children from their own parents.  In fact, we shouldn't even be tolerating these actions.
Marc Tuttle
President, Right to Life of Indianapolis

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Even the word "abortion" is a "fancy" word that replaces "killing."

When a C-section is performed the pregnancy is aborted, but not the baby. Induced labor also aborts the pregnancy but not the baby.

When talking with pro-choicers I often begin by asking, "Are you talking about aborting the pregnancy or aborting the baby's life?"

Then comes the explanation: "If you're talking about aborting pregnancies through C-sections then I'm pro-abortion. But if you're talking about killing babies, then I'm anti-abortion."

The final question forces the pro-choicer to admit the distinction: "So are you talking about aborting the pregnancy or killing the baby?"