OPPOSE SB 335 In-State Tuition for Non-Citizens


Bill Status:

  • Awaiting a committee hearing


Bill History:

  • 1/08/2019 Authored by Sen. J.D. Ford and referred to Education & Career Development Committee


Executive Summary

SB 335 provides that an individual who meets certain conditions is eligible for the resident tuition rate as determined by the state educational institution. Requires the commission for higher education to prescribe the form of the affidavit an individual must file to be eligible for the resident tuition rate. Provides that an agency or political subdivision is not required to verify that an individual is a United States citizen or qualified alien for the individual to be eligible to pay the resident tuition rate. Repeals a provision that provides that an individual who is not lawfully in the United States is not eligible to pay the resident tuition rate.



SB 335 seeks to provide financial advantage to illegal non-citizens over U.S. citizens from other states in paying for tuition to a state university the same as if they were a legal resident of Indiana. Indiana taxpayers should not be forced to support or subsidize tuition for non-citizens who are in the U.S. illegally. Nor should out-of-state citizens be forced to pay more for state university tuition costs than illegal non-citizens.



SB 335 would give an advantage to potential students at our state universities (which are funded with taxpayer dollars) who are in the country illegally, while disadvantaging potential students who are in this country legally. If this bill became law, legal citizens from out of state would have to continue to pay out of state tuition, while individuals who are in the country illegally and reside here in Indiana would qualify for reduced tuition. Rewarding individuals who are here illegally with taxpayer dollars at the expense of U.S. citizens is unjust.

IFI opposes SB 335.