Wednesday, April 13, 2011
HB 1210 Passes Senate Health Committee 6-2

Today HB 1210 passed the Senate Health Committee 6-2 on a party line vote.  As mentioned in previous posts, this bill would do a number of very important things to help protect the lives of the unborn and vulnerable women in crisis pregnancies. 
The portion of the bill I dedicated my testimony to is the provision that creates a legislative rationale of banning abortion at 20 weeks and after because of the medical research showing that unborn children at that age or even before can feel pain in the womb.  Indiana law is currently vague as to the exact point in a pregnancy when abortion is considered illegal. 
Until Roe v. Wade is repealed, courts will continue to strike down state laws that outlaw abortion entirely.  However, by banning abortion starting at 20 weeks the State of Indiana prevents more unborn children from meeting a violent end at the hands of an abortion provider than it was before and we continue to chip away at the Roe legacy, continuing on a few steps forward towards the day when we will find legalized killing of unborn children on the scrap heap of history.
As I was looking into some research on fetal pain I came across a great website that points out a ton of research regarding the development of the unborn and their ability to feel pain in the womb.  Check it out: www.doctorsonfetalpain.com

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Love this! Continuing in steps of victory one win at a time! Thanks for standing for life on the front lines!

Hope everything is going awesome down at IFI! Excited to visit again soon!