Thursday, October 23, 2008
Chris Mann
Gov. Sarah Palin will do-si-do with Mark Souder and Hank Williams, Jr. in Fort Wayne on Saturday

Alright, so maybe I'm mixing up genres, but it's a good teaser line.Road to Victory Rally in Ft. Wayne, IN featuring Gov. Sara Palin and Hank Williams, Jr. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2008 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM  Saturday October 25th Memorial Coliseum4000 Parnell Ave.Ft. Wayne, IN 46805Call the Mark Souder for Congress committee for tickets at
(260) 436-5230. Good. Luck.

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This DOES seem rather partisan and lacking in anything remotely pertaining to IFI's 501(c)(3) agenda...

Don't worry, I'll let the IRS know so you don't have to, Chris. ;)

Oh Bil, Bil, Bil.

The mere statement concerning a political rally is not partisan! I think we have a lot of Hank Williams Jr. fans in VR's audience. Tell Obama to get some pregame entertainment!!!

I love that the liberals have found a new scare tactic...IRS agents! It's like revenge of the nerds ;)

Red: Best not to let Governor Palin know that people's tax dollars are being taken away from them in the form of tax exemptions for others to promote Hank Williams appearances. Sounds a lot like socialistic wealth redistribution to me.

Yada Yada Yada

Calm down, kids. Chris Mann is from Ft. Wayne and it's a happening up there. We post all kinds of date, time, place stuff on this blog. Arguably, it is a daily conservative blog but it's not endorsing or promoting Palin. Get on with it.

Chris, et al:

Nothing like being able to take a tax exempt charitable organization who got its exemption by citing its mission and purpose to foster stronger families, etc. and then using your facilities to unashamedly announce a campaign rally for a partisan political candidate.

Don't tell me its perfectly legal. I know that. But you all get a D minus, at most for being subtle about it. (: