Friday, November 14, 2008
"Gay" activists attack churches

There is nothing "gay" about "gay" activists these days. They are getting downright scary. In response to California's Prop. 8 passing with over 60% support from California voters, "gay" activists there have turned violent.
Reports out of California are that several churches have been vandalized due to attacks by "gay" activists. Additionally, "gay" activists have held protests at churches across to country to show their anger.  According to the L.A. Times (no friend to conservatives), in just one example, they converged upon a Mormon Temple in  Los Angeles to yell at church members, calling them "Bigots" among other things. 
The "gay" intolerance doesn't stop in California, however.  Indiana's neighbor to the North has felt their wrath as well.  According to the Lansing State Journal in Lansing, Michigan, protesters who entered Mount Hope Church along with worshippers:

"surprised the congregation when they stood up during the service, threw fliers at churchgoers and shouted slogans such as 'It's OK to be gay,' and 'Jesus was a homo,' according to David Williams, communications director at the church."
"...protesters inside the church pulled a fire alarm, unfurled a banner from the church balcony, shouted and threw fliers to the worshippers."
"Outside the church, protesters carried picket signs and an upside-down, pink cross."
The Church had better wake up.  If your pastor says something these lefties don't like, your church could be next.  As a matter of fact, radical "gay" activist groups are planning to stage rallies in Indianapolis, South Bend, Evansville and Bloomington on Saturday.  (If any of you attend and get video, please send my way.) 

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You just gotta love the displays of tolerance and peace that gay activists and other liberals talk so much about. Ryan is right - the church needs to WAKE UP and influence the culture instead of "putting our heads in the sand" and pretend that everything is okay! However, we need to make sure the right changes occur WITHIN the church first.

Ryan, it appears that you are going to have a hayday in putting out things like this. Maybe it satisfies some deep internal yearning of yours and your colleagues to extract revenge for folks on the left and/or in the GLBT community who try to link you with people like Fred Phelps, the KKK, right-wing nuts and terrorists, etc. Appeals to violence, wherever they come from, must and should be roundly condemned. I join you in them, as I know the overwealming majority of the GLBT community do. Knowing that you have developed a considerable friendship with Bil Browning and perhaps some other memebrs of the community, even though you are on opposite sides of the spectrum, I find myself disappointed that you are now so quick to engage in what you so roundly and rightly condemn when the "stereotype shoe" is on the other foot. There is no doubt a lot of anger and disappointment in the GLBT community in the aftermath of what we consider a wrongful denial of equality to a minority by a majority. Adopting an "eye for an eye" approach in your "expose" seems rather un-biblical for those of you who profess to reject that Old Testament view in favor of what the approach Christ would seem more likely to espouse.

Violence on any side is wrong. But this is not one sided either. Why don't you cover crimes that are committed across this country against homosexuals just as much as you cover the "intolerance" of gay activists? Isn't that just as wrong? I've yet to see a thread to condemn violence against homosexuals, yet you do for gay activists. I am sure the majority of homosexuals and heterosexuals would agree that violence against other's is wrong. To me, this is just as much as a hate crime as someone getting victimized because they are gay.

Christ was in favor of the Truth, Don. I'm just letting people know what is going on.


If I'm made aware of proponents of Marriage Amendments committing acts of violence against opponents I will condemn it. I am not aware of any such cases. This public policy decision should be decided by legislative bodies and voters, not intimidation and violence.


If you've yet to see a thread denouncing violence against gays on this blog it's because you haven't looked.

Don, I think that some of the worst examples of this is coming from the Extreme wing of the left. It's rather unfair to paint you or Bil in with them.

I do admit that there is a part of me that would like to see the gay community be forced to denounce this crap. Bil has referred to IFI as a "hate group" for pursuing our agenda peacably, so a stronger denouncing of this violence is in order. We get that Fred Phelps stuff thrown at us regularly.

I would say, however, that I've witnessed some rather scary Mormon-bashing like the very distasteful ad ran in CA by Prop 8 opponents (we posted it here a few days ago).


I pleased to see that you paint neither Bil nor me in with the more vocal/active of the "left". There is likely a bit of daylight between Bil and me concerning on approaches to expressing our views. I don't automatically speak for him, nor he for me. There is more than one way to "skin a cat" in this matter as well as others.

But, some 30-50 years older than many of the GLBT folks who have been energized by recent events in California and elsewhere, and typically more reserved in my own approach to things, I nonetheless understand the depth of their feelings. I have disdain for thoughtless expressions concerning one's personal religious beliefs and symbols. But churches, particularly ones that seem to have made the accumulation of monetary war chests a part of their theology, are organizations, and organizations, despite their attempts ot cloak themselves in sanctimony, can do awful things to humanity. Witness the positions taken by many "fundamentalist/evangelical" churches on racial matters not all that long ago.

If you are critical of what you may, perhaps rightly, consider any excessive slur against what you may consider sacred, know this, and listen well:

When you and others bent on invading the sanctity, yes, sanctity and sacredness of committed and loving relationships between people you hardly know yet thing unworthy of equality and basic human dignity, you engage in destructive conduct. Yes you, who think yourselves to own the truth.

Someday, the light may yet come into your own lives and you will see and be sorry for the hurt you have helped cause for counteless people whose only real desire is to be left alone and pursue the same kind of happiness and peace you wish for those you love.

I hope that in the silence of the deep hours of the night, when God speaks to you, that message will resonate. When it does, you will be a much better persons for it.

I pray that happens sooner rather than later.


I went through every one earlier, not one! If I missed it, point it to me. And FYI...gay communities have denounced that crap. Maybe, your the one who needs to look!

Thank you.