OPPOSE SB 284 / HB 1231 Counseling Ban


Bill Status:

  • Awaiting a committee hearing


Bill History:

  • SB 284: 1/07/2019 Authored by Sen. Stoops and referred to Health & Provider Services Committee
  • HB 1231: 1/10/2019 Authored by Rep. Chyung and referred to Public Health Committee


Executive Summary

SB 284 & HB 1231 prohibit a mental health provider from counseling a patient less than 18 years of age, and subjects a mental health provider who violates the prohibition to disciplinary action.



SB 284 & HB 1231 seek to make it illegal for a mental health counselor to provide help in addressing unwanted same-sex attraction to anyone under the age of 18.



These dangerous bills would make it illegal for a counselor to help anyone under 18 address unwanted same-sex attraction. Young people who have unwanted sexual desires should be allowed to fight those desires with the help of adults trained to help them. We wouldn't deny a teenager struggling with heterosexual promiscuity, drinking, tobacco use or any other unwanted desire the counseling he or she desired. Why would we punish young people who have unwanted GLBT feelings within state law?

IFI opposes SB 284 & HB 1231.