Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Chris Mann
A call for blue-dog Republicans?

Democrats for Life, a pro-life caucus loyal to the Democratic Party, is calling on pro-life DNC Chairman Tim Kaine to invite “disaffected pro-life Republicans” into the Democratic party. The call comes on the heel of comments by the RNC’s new chairman, Michael Steele, who announced that he is “pro-choice” and expressed other liberal beliefs that are making conservatives squirm and/or call for his resignation.
While I have admired the work of Kristin Day, who has bravely headed up this lonely insurgency amidst precious little appreciation from Democrat party leaders, I’ve never found this political strategy particularly compelling. Why not simply go with the party that happens to have the most resources to get the pro-life job done?
Ms. Day doesn’t find my appeal compelling either, and she continues, in my opinion, to push her string up a hill. So, while I don’t encourage Republicans to jump ship and go Democrat, and while I’ve found it frustrating that a significant minority of my fellow evangelical, right-of-center brethren voted for Obama last year, I confess that I sense something good, or positive, or fill-in-the-right adjective, about this phenomenon.
I kind of like the prospect of a certain part of the evangelical demographic appearing to be “crazy as a fox” and willing to switch allegiances at a moment’s notice if a candidate (or party) blinks on an important issue(s). Could voting for full-octane liberalism instead of the Republican’s current half-octane liberalism offer the hope that social conservatives are looking for? Seems to me like a bizarre recipe for hope.
On the other hand, what do I know? Democrats for Life, it turns out, has a chapter in all but 11 states. It even turns out that Indiana has one of the more better-staffed chapters, nestled, no less, right here in my back yard here in Fort Wayne.
GOP..................are you listening?

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I dunno, guys and gals. I know you are obviously within your First Amendment Rights to say whatever you want to say on this blog, but surely it get pretty transparent that a forum which supposedly is that of the Indiana Family Institute, who got its tax exempt status by representing to the Internal Revenue Service that it dealt with public policy "family values" issues, strays significantly in this kind of piece. But what do I know?

It's politics, and it's my opinion. You have quite a bit more burden turf to cover.


I just have to say that I'm thankful that you don't have Judge Fisher's job :) I appreciate your legal background, but I don't appreciate your constant whining without realistic legal arguments. (Not that it matters what I think) Don't tell me that you were a defense attorney...