Wednesday, December 19, 2012
WISH/Ball State same-sex marriage poll a fraud

When I heard the report that a WISH/Ball State poll found that 54% of Hoosiers oppose the Marriage Amendment and 53% support decriminalizing marijuana I immediately knew something wasn't right.  This is Indiana.  Mitt Romney won by double digits even though Hoosiers weren't that excited about him.

When you look at the fine print of the poll (page 22), you find the truth.  They over-polled liberals big time.  45% of those they polled were Democrats.   Only 41% were Republican.  Even worse, 60% were moderates or liberals.  Only 32% were Conservatives.  That is not an accurate representation of Indiana.

It's a shame that WISH TV 8 and Ball State are paying for this sort of propaganda.  A donation to Indiana Inequality wouldn't have even been as valuable to the Left as free propaganda from the mouthpieces of the "mainstream" media and a state university.  If WISH TV and Ball State really want to be seen as honest brokers in the community they should immediately apologize and admit that this poll is a fraud.

I wonder if tax dollars were involved in this mess...to be continued...

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