Thursday, March 30, 2017
IFI Staff
Why the Inside of a New Planned Parenthood Clinic Signals the Battle to Come


When the Washingtonian showcased the new Washington D.C. headquarters of Planned Parenthood, we got a glimpse into how the abortion industry sees and markets itself to prospective clients – in this case, pregnant mothers.


The clinic, which was designed, as CEO Laura Meyers says, to look like an Apple Store or a Starbucks, will offer lounge space with Wi-Fi, a sleek, modern kitchen, and other amenities to make women feel “at home” – before and after having an abortion.


You can see inside the clinic here.


“Some want to experience the space alone—sit with their laptop or phone,” says Meyers. “Others may want to experience it communally.”


Of course, it is alarming that an organization with ‘parenthood’ in the name would be so uninterested in perpetuating it.  But efforts by Planned Parenthood to completely remove the stigma from abortion should be concerning to all proponents of life.  The design of this new clinic shows that Planned Parenthood wants to make abortion – the death of an innocent child – a casual, relaxing, and inviting experience for women. 


By creating an atmosphere where women can gush to each other about their abortion(s) – all while sitting behind noise-cancelling walls – should illustrate that the clinic still can’t shake the stigma associated with the harsh realities of abortion.  Regardless, they raised $19.7 million to make this clinic a reality, and the pro-life movement is largely unaware.


Planned Parenthood’s evolution into a modern storefront should also serve as a great reminder that the group’s leadership envisions providing services to clients like a business would.  By creating an environment that women enjoy – and perhaps even want to come back to – they solidify themselves as the abortion industry leader, encouraging loyalty, and perhaps even planning for repeat customers to keep the doors open.


If Planned Parenthood can make abortion an enjoyable, guilt-free experience, the pro-life movement suffers serious damage.  We cannot let that happen.


Will you pitch in $25, $50, $85, or more to help us push back on Planned Parenthood in Indiana?

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