Monday, July 16, 2007
Water, water everywhere...but not a drop can vote

          New Mexico Governor and Democrat Presidential candidate Bill Richardson has come up with a novel way to expand the Federal Government.  He would create a new cabinet-level Department of Water. (Elko Daily Free Press, June 13, 2007)

          “I would hold a National Water Summit” if elected, he said, adding, “Everybody thinks water is only a western issue, but it is not.”

          Well (to make a bad pun), he is right that water is everywhere -- though it's an "issue" only in some places, even during a dry summer. But it is not worthy of its own federal cabinet (lest the clouds, air, soil, wind, rocks, and fire begin to demand their cabinet-level rights, too). The Environmental Protection Agency has all the legal jurisdiction needed to safeguard America’s waters; the Coast Guard is involved in patrolling and protecting the waters of a different nature important to American territory. And the states will rightly want to retain responsibility for the streams, creeks and rivers within their borders.

         Richardson is often regarded as one of the more level-headed national Democrats, and he certainly has a knack for doing clever campaign commercials. But when it comes to organizing the federal government, he is all wet.

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