Friday, July 6, 2007
Watch For Dan Burton's "Pro-Activist" Campaign

     Watch for Congressman Dan Burton to very actively tout his pro-family and pro-life voting record as he works to solidify his base in the primary challenge from Dr. John McGoff. During a recent luncheon meeting, the Congressman confidently and clearly communicated that he will run an aggressive, active campaign based on his record to reach out to conservative grassroots activists.

     It will be interesting to see how that all shakes out, but Veritas Rex predicts that social conservatives will go with a proven leader rather than the proposed alternative. To be fair, Dr. McGoff states on his website that he is pro-life; he cites his Catholic faith as well as his medical background as evidence of that. He will need to do more if he wants to convince the pro-life community. Congressman Pete Visclosky from Northern Indiana is a practicing Catholic, but supports choice in every way (including partial birth abortion), as does John Kerry, also a Catholic and a pro-choice presidential candidate. Congressman Burton recognizes that he has a proven track record and he is busy telling that story.

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The establishmnet has always underestimated Dan Burton's support base and this time is no different. I feel sorry for Dr. McGoff. He is a nice gentleman who is being used by the Marion County establishment to mount a kamikaze mission.

The last thing we need in Indianapolis is another RINO Republican. I fear that's what McGoff is going to be.

We need to stick with the Congressman we know will vote for traditional marriage, the rights of the unborn and our second amendment rights.

I know for a fact that the left wing Republicans are very excited about the McGoff campaign. I would expect some support from the pro-abortion and pro-gay group First Republicans for McGoff.

I am not too worried about him beating our Conservative Burton. McGoff couldn't even win his own county when he ran for Secretary of State. What a joke. Maybe 3 people in the district know his name right now and they all work for him.

What bothers me about this race is that McGoff has said he won't vote any differently than Burton. His only reason for running is that Burton attended a yearly fundraiser for cancer research?? Doesn't make sense to me. Why should I replace a veteran congressman with a known track record?

A look at McGoff's bankrollers will answer most of your questions.

Dr. McGoff is a nice enough guy. I met him as he campaigned for Secretary of State in 2002. I'd rather he would have run for mayor of Indianapolis, like he lead so many to believe he would.

Why can't he make up his mind on what office he'd like to hold? He's run for or thought about running for: county coroner, secretary of state, mayor, and now congress. What's up with that?

It's just hard for me to support someone who doesn't seem passionate about the job. It's just one more thing he can run for.

Ah yes, the "pro-family" Dan Burton. How is his illegitimate son these days?

Classic ad hominem argument. I would much rather look at a person's voting record to determine their policies, but keep up the solid scholarly analysis there kevin.

you mean when he actually shows up to vote?

According to the Washington Post voting database, Dan Burton has missed a mere 3.8% of votes in this 110th Congress... that is a lower percentage than four of the other nine Reps. I'll even include the link since you seem to need a little help with your research:

Um, I don't need help with research. Here is a sampling: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/person.xpd?id=400055

The independent tracking website had this to say:
"Statistic: Dan Burton missed 550 of 6432 votes (9%) since Jan 7, 1997 (Poor relative to peers). "

He also missed 19 votes while golfing in Palm Springs:

And the following info from this website:
Missed votes
In February 2007, a review of House votes by the Indianapolis Star for the past decade showed that Burton had been absent every year votes coincided with the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic. Burton ranked last in voting among Indiana lawmakers in 2006, casting ballots in 89 percent of the 541 recorded votes.[7]\

But one vote he DID show up for was the House ethics reform bill, in which he was the lone vote against it.

These are not what I consider "family values". People in glass houses......

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Kevin f.

If the entirety of McGoff's campaign is that he will golf less than Burton so be it. I don't care.

In the end, I won't be voting to replace a strong pro-life vote with a RINO allied with the left-wing downtown group of Republicans.