Wednesday, January 29, 2014
The Road Forward for the Indiana Marriage Amendment


Indiana Marriage Amendment:   "Only a marriage between one (1) man and one (1) woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Indiana. A legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized."

The Indiana House of Representatives voted to remove the second sentence from the Marriage Amendment by a vote of 52-43 on a 2nd reading amendment.  Click here for the full roll call vote (the "Yes" votes were those that gutted the Marriage Amendment by removing the second sentence)  This is obviously bad news. If the second sentence is not restored in the Indiana Senate, Hoosier voters will not be able to vote on the Marriage Amendment on Election Day, November 4th, 2014 and this vote will have killed the Marriage Amendment...probably for good.  Without the 2nd sentence the Marriage Amendment would not withstand legal scrutiny.  
However, there is still hope to restore the Marriage Amendment as originally introduced.  The Marriage Amendment, without the second sentence, was voted out of the Indiana House of Representatives yesterday by a vote of 57-40 on 3rd reading.  Click here for the full roll call vote (the "Yes" votes were good votes that allowed the Marriage Amendment to stay alive and make its way over to the Senate).  It now goes over to the Indiana Senate without the second sentence.  
The Senate must now reinsert the second sentence and pass the fully intact Marriage Amendment out of the Senate.  This would leave the House with a final vote to agree with the changes of the Senate.  Click here to find your State Senator and contact his or her office to urge support of the full Marriage Amendment with both sentences intact.
The following House members voted in favor of stripping the second sentence of the Marriage Amendment, potentially denying you your ability to vote on the Marriage Amendment in 2014.  However, these same House members also voted in favor of the 1st sentence of the Marriage Amendment on 3rd reading.  In order to get the Marriage Amendment on the ballot this year we will need most of these House members to vote a final time to agree with the Senate, if the Senate restores the Marriage Amendment back to its true form.
Email                   Key Legislator          Phone 
h85@iga.in.gov          Casey Cox           317-232-9769 
h13@iga.in.gov          Sharon Negele       317-232-9816 
h31@iga.in.gov          Kevin Mahan          317-232-9613 
h69@iga.in.gov          Jim Lucas                317-232-9671 
h33@iga.in.gov          Greg Beumer            317-234-3827 
h50@iga.in.gov          Dan Leonard             317-232-9793
h74@iga.in.gov          Lloyd Arnold             317-232-9833
h75@iga.in.gov          Ron Bacon               317-232-9674
h76@iga.in.gov          Wendy McNamara     317-232-9671
h48@iga.in.gov          Tim Neese                 317-232-9816
h4@iga.in.gov            Ed Soliday                317-232-9603
h78@iga.in.gov          Holli Sullivan              317-232-9769
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