Friday, July 13, 2007
Peace Through Strength?

The war has become a divisive issue, even among conservatives.  However, before writing off Iraq we should stop and think what would happen if we were to immediately pull out, as some on the Left have suggested.  Besides the "slaughter of the innocents" that retired military officer Ralph Peters predicts if we immediately withdraw troops and the leverage it would give Iran in the region, we must consider who would fill the vacuum after we leave - Islamic Fascists set on destroying all "infidels" (and the U.S. is obviously very high on that "infidel" list). 

It will be a tragedy if we disrespect the Hoosier blood that has been spilled in Iraq and allow it to become a beachhead for our enemies.  I imagine those fallen heroes would want their efforts to help protect their families and friends back home.  Leaving Iraq to our enemies does not seem to do justice to their efforts.  Still not convinced that Iraq is a vital part in fighting terrorism?  Check out Al Gore's (hardly a conservative) comments on the connection between Iraq and terrorism way back when George H.W. Bush was President.

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I agree with Senator Lugar.