Thursday, December 14, 2017
IFI Staff
Parents Deserve to Know

The United States has a long history of honoring parental rights. But these rights are slowly being chipped away at as the push continues to affirm and celebrate gender dysphoria among children.


LifeSiteNews is reporting that the Portland School Board in Portland, Maine, recently passed new policies prohibiting teachers from telling parents “if their children identify as transgender unless the children allow them to do so.”


Under the new set of policies, teachers must also attend comprehensive transgender sensitivity training and use a transgender student’s preferred pronouns. Transgender students will also be able to play on the sports team and use the locker rooms and showers that match their preferred gender identity.


Imagine your child’s school actively withholding pertinent information from you about your child. This will be a new reality for many families living in Portland.


Not only do these policies undoubtedly create an environment of distrust between parents and schools, but they also teach young children to disrespect the authority of parents.


Unfortunately, as the “gender expansive” movement continues to gain popularity, more schools will adopt policies like those of Portland. But public schools should remember that parents, not schools, are the ones endowed by God with the right to “train up a child in the way he should go.”


Partner with IFI to defend parental rights and keep similar policies from being implemented in Indiana.

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