Wednesday, August 1, 2012
Online Christian School for only $500 Annual Tuition

With most Christian schools -- online and offline -- charging over $5,000 annual tuition, a school charging only $500 stands out like a rose among thorns. You heard that right!  King's Way Classical Academy has slashed its tuition to only $500 a year. That's ten cents on the dollar.  It's even less if you recruit another student--you can cut that $500 to just $400!
"We're trying to make life easier for the homeschooler," said headmaster Dennis Oliver Woods, "plus eliminate the financial barrier for Christian families to get their kids out of the government school system." Worldview testing proves that a majority of Christian kids emerge from public school with a secular worldview. That tragic statistic is destroying our culture. King's Way is on a mission to reverse that trend.
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Online Christian School For Only $500 Annual Tuitionby: tmarkets

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The video is a great way to meter-out key facts (shocking facts, actually!) in a digestable way. Great presentation.