Wednesday, May 3, 2017
IFI Staff
The New Battleground in the Transgender Movement

We saw it first with the abortion movement: they worked to make it legal, and then they worked to force others (doctors and nurses) to participate. And now, we see similar writing on the wall when it comes to the goals and legal positioning of the transgender movement.  

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit against California-based Dignity Health, the operator of the Catholic Mercy San Juan Hospital, because it declined to perform a hysterectomy on a biological woman that wants to live life as a man.


In other words, a hospital – which is tasked with preserving a body’s biological health and wellbeing – is being sued because it refuses to perform elective surgeries that take healthy bodies and permanently alter them to an unnatural state.


At its core, this is not a conversation about politics or liberty.  This is a question of ethics and conscience.


If you walked into your doctor’s office and asked if he or she would remove your arms and legs so you could experience life as a paraplegic, they’d probably – and rightly so – decline.  In fact, a good doctor would not only decline, but probably also recommend that you stop by the psychologist for a mental health evaluation.


Dignity Health acted in the best interest of its physicians and nurses by not requiring them to participate. The Hippocratic Oath, which doctors and nurses swear to uphold, clearly advises them to do no permanent harm to patients. It wouldn’t be hard to see why some doctors and nurses might find the concept of deliberately altering a patient’s biological balance as harmful to their overall health.


Although the plaintiff’s doctor was able to perform the surgery at a nearby hospital without issue, the patient decided – nearly seven months later – that legal action against Dignity Health was needed to remedy the “devastation” created as a result of the cancellation of a hysterectomy for her healthy uterus.


Important questions will no doubt arise through this legal process, and we’ll keep you up-to-date here on our Facebook page.


Living your values is important to all of us. We’re fighting every day to preserve rights of conscience for all Hoosiers – inside and outside the hospital.  Will you chip in with a $25, $50, or $75 tax-deductible contribution today?

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