Thursday, August 2, 2018
Matt Carter vs. Barronelle Stutzman: A Case Study in Liberal Intolerance


Matt Carter is the owner of Carter and Company. A small chocolate shop in Washington State.


Barronelle Stutzman is the owner of Arlene's Flowers. Also a small business in Washington State.


Matt has a tolerance problem.  He doesn't like Christians.


He doesn't like Christians so much that when he heard a Christian teacher in Indiana was in danger of losing his job for having the audacity to believe that boys are boys and girls are girls he had to email the school board across the country and demand that this Christian teacher be fired.


Here is his email to the Brownsburg School Board (he thought he was being clever by using an IFI Action Alert to email the Board):


Jun 7, 2018

Board Member Matthew Freije
310 Stadium Drive
Brownsburg, IN 46112

Dear Board Member Freije,

Forcing Orchestra Teacher John Kluge out of his job against his will
was intolerant, discriminatory and unjust.  Do the right thing and
instruct the BHS Administration to renew his position for 2018-2019
with the faith-based accommodation previously agreed upon.

Actually, what I mean to say is that this guy is a bigot and has no
place interacting with kids and spreading his hate.
This trend of giving so called christians "rights" to
discriminate against others needs to end.
Disregard the remainder of this message of intolerance.

We urge the Board to correct these wrongs you have done.  Rescind these
administrative policies regarding transgenderism and reconsider with
parental input how to best serve ALL students.  Please give Mr. Kluge
back to his orchestra students, treating your teachers with the respect
and decency they deserve.  Brownsburg needs great teachers like John.


Matt Carter
[Editor's note:  I deleted Matt's address and email here...you're welcome Matt]


Matt wants to take away the rights of Christians and ban them from certain professions, like teaching.  Then after deceptively adding himself to IFI's email list he has the audacity to send us this email in response to a recent pro-life email we sent out:


you people have to stop spreading your hate ad dividing America.
or at the very least, stop spreading your hate to ME
hwo the fuck did I get on your list to begin with ??
Matt Carter Carters Chocolates www.carterschocolates.com


So not only does he want Christians fired and their rights removed, he views helping vulnerable women and saving unborn babies as "spreading hate".  

Matt is currenly allowed to run his small business in Washington state with no hassles from the government, which I support.


Barronelle on the other hand is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.  I've had the privilege of spending time with her on multiple occasions.  She doesn't have an intolerant, bigoted bone in her body.  She is the grandmother everyone would want.  She is wise, sweet and wonderful to be around.  Cursing out people she doesn't agree with and attempting to get them fired would not cross her mind.  


Her business has been dragged through the Courts for years at great personal and financial cost to her because she is a Christian who believes that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.  She hires people from all walks of life, including those in the LGBT community.  The gay man who is accusing her of discrimination was a close friend and regular client of hers for 10 years before joining a lawsuit against her simply because she cannot participate in a same-sex wedding.  


Unfortunately, this story is not unique.  I get calls all the time from people like Barronelle, right here in Indiana who are being attacked and threatened with having their livelihood ripped away, merely because they are Christians attempting to live out their faith.  


I also get emails, tweets, messages, mailings, etc. from liberals on a consistent basis much nastier than Matt's.  Death threats, messages hoping I get a disease, messaging telling me I will burn in hell (always by non-Christians who would seem to not even believe in Hell...oddly enough), etc.


The Left has become unhinged.  Those who try to lay the blame for incivility within public debate evenly on the Right and Left are simply not paying attention or are biased.  The safest place to be in America today is within a group favored by the Left due to identity politics.  The GLBT community is at the top of that list.  The group most at risk and the least protected are Christians who actually attempt to live their lives according to Biblical principles.  


So, Matt feels safe and empowered to take pot shots at the Christians he dispises, while Barronelle is consistently under attack by Leftist activists and even her own government because she is a Christian.  The Left has decided to attempt to destroy those business owners with whom they agree, while conservatives just quietly choose the chocolate shop down the street from Carter and Company.  If the Left would follow suit and just choose the flower shop down the street we could all get along so much better.  It's a shame they won't.  

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