Friday, April 27, 2012
Marriage: Indiana's #1 Weapon Against Childhood Poverty

These aren't new facts...but they're new to most of us.  Thankfully the Heritage Foundation has done state by state research on childhood poverty and how to eliminate it.  Based on the common arguments from academia and the media you would think that if government just threw more money at the problem it would go away.  Not so.  The Woodrow Wilson led "War on Poverty" has been a monstrous disaster...no matter which liberal politician has picked up this batton and ran it forward in the years since.
What does work?  Marriage. It turns out that God guy knew a thing or two about the human condition when he mandated sex within marriage only.  A growing segment of society is deciding that marriage is not for them.  They are involved in relationships and producing children...and also failing to marry.  Their children are much more likely to experience poverty. 
According to the research, what's particularly interesting about this growing group is that many value marriage, they just believe they have to live a near perfect life to deserve a healthy marriage.  So, their urge for children is fulfilled first and then they attempt to clean their lives up enough to deserve marriage.  Sadly, this makes the likelihood of achieving a healthy marriage much less likely.
The good news is that healthy marriage is possible.  It is most achievable the old fashion way:  marriage first and then child bearing.

For the full report on Marriage:  Indiana's #1 Weapon Against Childhood Poverty you can download it here:
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