Wednesday, May 10, 2017
IFI Staff
A Legislature’s Remarkable Message on Abortion


Few would dispute that our nation is in the midst of serious ideological warfare. From healthcare to immigration, foreign policy to abortion – everyone seems to be at odds, yet few seem interested in taking a strong stand for their positions.

That’s why it’s so refreshing to see a state legislature make a bold statement in defense of their beliefs.

statecapitolbuildings_oklahoma_oklahamacity_thinkstock.jpgThe Oklahoma House of Representatives on Monday passed a resolution declaring that abortion is murder.  While the resolution doesn't carry much legal force, it did send some strong messages to those that the legislature believes have infringed on the right to life.

As reported by The Hill: 

“[The resolution] takes the remarkable step of specifically accusing the [U.S.] Supreme Court of “overstepp[ing] its authority and jurisdiction” in Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey

“The measure calls on public officials to ‘stop the murder of innocent unborn children by abortion.’ It also orders the Oklahoma Supreme Court to stay out of any future cases involving state abortion law.”

Click here to sign our petition thanking the Oklahoma legislature for taking a strong stand for life!

Life is one of the most precious gifts that God gave us. We should always implore those who sit in a seat of authority to do protect that gift – even when they'll likely get attacked and ridiculed for it. We must never let the fight to protect life be silenced by political maneuvering, and we must always speak up for the truth.

Once you’ve signed the petition, will you pitch in $25, $50, $75, or more to join us on the front lines to promote life in Indiana’s legislature?

Thank you for your continued support!

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