Wednesday, May 9, 2012
The Left's War on Marriage

What an interesting week for the Left's ongoing attack on civil marriage.  Let's recap:
1.  North Carolina passed their marriage amendment and became the 31st state to protect marriage and religious liberty.  They did so by a 61%-39% margin.  That's a blow out.  They accomplished this while everyone from Bill Clinton to Joe Biden came out against them and Leftist groups consistently lied, as they have done in state after state, about what the marriage amendment would actually do.  In state after state they throw out anything they can think of that might scare someone, and in state after state their horrible terribles are all false. 
2.  President Obama flip-flops and publicly supports same-sex marriage.
3.  The media fall all over themselves trying to manipulate polling to show that Americans are actually MORE supportive of same-sex marriage. 
4.  Atheists file suit attempting to overturn Indiana's marriage laws.
The talking heads and Leftist elites are trying to sell American's a lie.  Thankfully Americans are not buying it.
Here is the lie:  "The American people are becoming more supportive of same-sex marriage."
No...the Left wants Americans to be more supportive of same-sex marriage.  When given the chance to support marriage, Americans have supported marriage in every state.
However, this is not really about who can get married or how they can get married.  The real issue is the Left's attack on marriage laws and religious liberty.  In the few places where same-sex couples around the world have been given the opportunity to marry, very few of them have taken advantage of that opportunity. 
If they are not really wanting marriage, what do they want?
The answer is power and the ability to silence opponents.  In state after state that has enacted even a portion of the Left's agenda against marriage, the real change that has occurred is that opponents of homosexuality and a secularizing of America have come under legal attack. 
The Alliance Defense Fund has had to represent businesses, individuals, churches and others who have had their freedoms violated due to the attacks of the Left.  From a bed and breakfast owner in Illinois being sued for refusing to allow a homosexual couple to shack up in his house, to a church who stood by Biblical teachings and wouldn't allow a same-sex marriage ceremony on church grounds, real civil liberties are under attack by the Left. 
Americans are realizing that the "same-sex marriage" debate is not about marriage at all...it's about silencing them and robbing them of their liberties.  They are showing up in mass to protect the liberties and values that have made this nation great and I predict they will continue to do so.

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