Monday, July 2, 2007
IFI Unveils Veritas Rex

            Today the Indiana Family Institute initiates a blog, Veritas Rex, with great anticipation and excitement.  Increasingly, communication in all realms occurs over the internet, particularly in this unique forum we call blogging.  However, this is especially true in the policy and civil society realms that the Indiana Family Institute seeks to influence.  So, we launch this blog to inform and hopefully influence the lively conversation we call public discourse with an eye toward being a catalyst for positive, pro-family, Biblical world view policies and practices.

            The name was selected by my colleague, Ryan McCann, who will be the blog's leading light.  The word “Veritas,” which we hasten to point out is part of the founding creed of Harvard University, simply means "truth" in Latin.  A modern-day English usage is veracity, which means in common parlance one’s devotion to truth.  "Rex," of course, is Latin for king, as in Tyrannosaurus Rex.  But the significance of this name for IFI is really rooted in the work of a remarkable Scot named Samuel Rutherford (c. 1600-1660).  In his seminal work, Rutherford took the ruling political ethic of the day – Rex Lex – or the King is Law -- and turned it literally upside down -- the Law is King, by which he meant (and so do we) God's Law.  This book, Lex Rex, was immediately branded as treason by the English Government and burned as he was placed under a death sentence that could not be carried out before he succumbed to a natural death.  However, the book and its theory of limited government and constitutionalism prevailed and was a very important pillar to the founding of the American Republic.

            So we initiate this blog as an honest, honorable effort to advance the discussion and bring a Biblical world view to the challenges and opportunities before the Hoosier State, which we dearly love.

            Let us know what you think -- good and bad.

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Friends at IFI,

Good luck and Godspeed as you launch this new initiative. Know that the hard work you do is appreciated more than you realize. You have been, and I am sure, will continue to be a strong voice for Christians, Conservatives, and Hoosiers who believe in the innate worth of the traditional family.

I hope you are Blessed and continue to enjoy success as you work to keep Indiana a great place to live, worship, work, and raise a family.

Keep on fighting the good fight!

And the TRUTH will set you free! Stay close to God and His Word and you will not go wrong. God bless

If this is a Hoosier blog, then why did you cite Harvard for Veritas? Is Indiana University and it's motto not a good enough example?

Everything "new" is not ALWAYS better. One needs to use discernment coupled with wisdom to know when to go for the "new" or to stick with the "old and tried".

Yes, good luck with the new blog. I am already one of your regular readers. This blog provides a unique perspective and unique topics.

Keep it going!