Thursday, May 25, 2017
IFI Staff
A generous donor thought outside the box

Dear Friends, 

Many Hoosiers have come alongside us over the years to help advance the cause of the family. From those who diligently call their elected officials when a pressing issue arises, to those who pray and volunteer time at our events and, of course, those who give of their finances, sometimes sacrificially – we are enormously grateful for all of the support.


As you may know, IFI is entirely supported by generous Hoosiers. And because of that support, we’re able to play an important role in the political genetics of our state.


Because of your support, we’re able to educate current and future leaders on policy and culture through the Hoosier Leadership Series. We’re able to promote free-market economics and lower taxes through the Andrew Smith Center for Family Prosperity. And, of course, your support allows us to be your advocate for strong policies at the Capitol.


While the most conventional way Hoosiers support our work is by making a one-time or recurring donation, one long-time donor recently approached us with a very generous – albeit uncommon – gift: a piece of land.


When the land sells, the proceeds will further our work, and our donor will enjoy the tax benefits of their contribution.


There are a number of ways that you can financially support IFI – and it doesn’t stop with cash donations.  In the past, we’ve received stocks, bonds, insurance policies, and other items of value to help support our work.  Every gift we receive is tax-deductible, and every dollar we raise makes an enormous impact in our state.


No one likes to ask for money – myself included – but it makes my heart happy to see so many Hoosiers catch the vision for a strong, healthy, and prosperous Indiana. It all starts with the family.


As always, we’re honored to serve you and your family, and we look forward to many more years together, advocating for liberty and prosperity.



Curt Smith

President, IFI

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