Monday, March 26, 2018
IFI Staff
Conservative Lawmaker Under Attack

Progressives are always looking for opportunities to pick off great conservative Christian lawmakers…and mock their faith in the process, ala Joy Behar.  A champion of life, marriage, family and religious liberty, State Senator Mike Delph, is the most recent victim.

Just this week, Indy-based businessman and progressive pundit Mickey Maurer took his hatchet to Senator Delph, a military veteran and staunch defender of constitutional rights like religious freedom, in the Indiana Business Journal (Mr. Maurer is Chairman of the Board at IBJ Corp.) in his endorsement for Delph’s primary opponent, Corrie Meyer. 

Maurer not only attacks Sen. Delph’s conservative values, but his faith: 

“Delph believes the unscientific blather that the Earth was created 5,000 years ago and supported legislation requiring that our children learn that theory in high school science,” wrote Maurer, before going on to mention that he and his wife plan to hold a fundraiser for Delph’s opponent because of her more liberal positions on abortion and LGBT issues. 

This goes beyond one political campaign. This is symptomatic of a disturbing trend nationally and right here in Indiana. Mocking those who believe the Bible and try to live out its principles can be found throughout the media. 

It’s difficult to find strong, Bible-believing conservatives who want to take on powerful progressives like Mickey Maurer who mock their faith and their values. But we’re grateful for the men and women who do – the men and women who step up to protect what is good and right and true here in the Hoosier State.  

Attacks like these are deliberate, and, although they may be publicly aimed at lawmakers like Senator Delph, they are just as much an attack on all Hoosiers who attempt to live our their faith, both privately and in public life. 

But we aren’t going anywhere. Let’s band together and push back. Click here to help IFI fight for conservative values in Indiana

Also, if you have a moment, please send Sen. Delph a message on Twitter (@MikeDelph) or Facebook and thank him for having the courage to stand up for people of faith throughout Indiana.

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