Wednesday, July 5, 2017
IFI Staff
Charlie Gard Highlights Attack on Parental Rights


Government shouldn’t get to decide if innocent people live or die.

For the last several months, Charlie Gard has captured the hearts and prompted the prayers of millions as he fights a condition called mitochondrial depletion syndrome – an illness that doctors in the U.K. have diagnosed as terminal. Shortly after diagnosis, citing unavoidable death, the hospital made the decision – on behalf of Charlie’s parents and without their consent – to remove life support.

Then, in a shocking concurrence, the United Kingdom Supreme Court gave the hospital full permission to proceed, ruling that Charlie should be allowed to “die with dignity.”

News flash: death can never be dignified when it’s forced upon an innocent person against their will – or their legal guardians’ consent.

Charlie’s parents should have full permission to make treatment decisions on behalf of their son. Through the generosity of thousands through a GoFundMe campaign, his parents raised more than $1.7 million to cover the cost of transporting Baby Charlie to the United States for treatment. Still, the hospital refuses to discharge him for treatment.

Simply put, the hospital and the Court are calling the shots now.

An affront to parental rights in an affront to human rights. Charlie deserves to be given a fighting chance to survive, not doomed to die in the name of “dignity.”

You can read more about Charlie’s fight here and here.

We must continue to fight for parental rights so that horrible atrocities like these never find their way to the Hoosier State.  If you feel so led, would you join us in the fight with a contribution of $30, $45, $75, or more?

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