Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Call on Mayor Ballard to VETO Domestic Partnership Ordinance 317-327-3601

Tuesday, June 12th the Rules Committe of the Indianapolis City-County Council heard testimony on ordinance 213 (this version is the most recent one with amendments):
Download PROPOSAL_213_amended
This proposal would create a legal entity called a "domestic partnership" which is intended to mirror marriage.  The goal is a repeat of what we have seen in other states where these "domestic partnerships" are created and then used in an attempt to overturn state marriage laws. 
This will add hundreds of thousands of dollars in new spending to a city that is in fiscal crisis, according to the fiscal the city has worked up (we believe it will cost more in the $500,000 dollar range with fraud and abuse causing it to possibly rise higher in the future):
Download Domestic_Partner_Coverage_Cost_Projections_(by_LHD_6-4-2012) 
Here is a memo by the Alliance Defense Fund explaining all the problems with this proposal:
Download Indianapolis DP Memo (01-04-12)
The Rules Committe is expected to vote the domestic partnership ordinance (213) through on July 10th and the full Indianapolis City-County Council is expected to approve it July 16.  Our only realistic hope in defeating this ordinance is sharing our opposition to the Mayor's office. 
Please call him now:  (317) 327-3601

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