Thursday, August 10, 2017
IFI Staff
Abortion Activist's Defense of Abortion Dumbfounds James Franco

In his new YouTube series, Philosophy Time, A-List actor James Franco sits down to talk about sensitive topics with academics and professionals in the field.

While the topics range in sensitivity, some are outright controversial, such as the one released this week on the topic of early-term abortion. 

In it, Princeton University Philosophy Professor Elizabeth Harman defends her "philosophical" position on early-term abortion -- or, at least, she tries to. After mentioning that it's not morally wrong to abort a baby early if the intention of the mother is to abort (yes, you read that right), Franco is visibly confused and conflicted.

You can watch the exchange here:


Academics like Professor Harman are a dime-a-dozen on college campuses. They can't come up with a logical explanation to defend genocide, so they pretend to have a philosophical response that, well, doesn't make any sense.

We applaud James Franco and his team for prying into the truth of this issue. It's not every day that you see a Hollywood actor with intellectual integrity on an issue such as this. 

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