OPPOSE SB 347 Legislator Sensitivity "Bias" Training


Bill Status:

  • Awaiting a committee hearing


Bill History:

  • 1/08/2019 Authored by Sen. J.D. Ford and referred to Public Policy Committee


Executive Summary

SB 347 requires members of the general assembly to complete not less than one hour of implicit bias training. Specifies that the training must be comparable to the implicit bias training provided to law enforcement officers employed by a consolidated city.



SB 347 seeks to require legislators to take sensitivity “bias” training. Voters did not elect independent legislators from their respective districts so that other elected legislators or unelected bureaucrats can dictate how everyone else must be “trained” or “re-educated” about how to think or what to believe after they are elected to state office.



SB 347 would force all legislators into sensitivity training each legislative session. More political correctness is not what our state or nation needs. Although the curriculum for this training is not included within the legislation, the author is a noted GLBT activist. Attempting to intimidate legislators who dare to think differently does not create the environment for the free market of ideas that our state lawmakers need.

IFI opposes SB 347.