HB 1525: Student Privacy


Bill Status

Awaiting a hearing in the House.

Bill History

  • 1/17/19    Authored by Rep. Borders and referred to Education Committee


Executive Summary

HB 1525 provides that student facilities in public school buildings must be designated for use by female students or male students and may be used only by the students of the biological sex for which the facility is designated. Provides that if a school corporation or charter school designates athletic programs as either athletic programs for males or athletic programs for females, a student may participate only in the athletic programs corresponding to the student's biological sex.



HB 1525 seeks to protect student privacy by restricting areas such as bathrooms, showers and locker rooms to either male or female only areas.  Students should not be forced to have their privacy violated by mandating that they share bathrooms, locker rooms and showers with member of the opposite biological sex.

Unfortunately a significant number of young people today are the victims of sexual abuse.  Forcing girls and young women who have been the victims of abuse to be in a vulnerable position within a locker room or bathroom with a biological male robs her of her privacy and can be very traumatic.  Likewise, forcing a male student to possibly expose himself to a biological female student within a bathroom or locker room is unacceptable. 

Additionally HB 1525 would ensure fairness in athletic competition.  Allowing biological males to compete as “female” on female sports teams and vice versa creates an unfair competitive environment and robs athletes of the privacy they deserve.  This also has the perverse effect of causing unnecessary trauma to abuse victims and robbing them of opportunities within extra-curricular activities. 



HB 1525 seeks to protect young people from unfair competition and protect the privacy of all students.

IFI supports HB 1525.