HB 1211: Stopping Dismemberment Abortions





Bill Status:

  • Passed House 71-26; awaits final action in the Senate.


Bill History:

  • 1/10/2019 Authored by Rep. Mayfield, Co-Authored by Rep. Stutzman and assigned to the Public Policy Committee
  • 2/21/2019 Passes Indiana House by vote of 71-26


Executive Summary

HB 1211 Provides that a person may not knowingly or intentionally perform a dismemberment abortion unless a physician reasonably believes that performing the dismemberment abortion is necessary to: (1) prevent serious health risks to the mother; or (2) save the mother's life.  Provides that the penalty for performing a dismemberment abortion is a Level 5 felony. Provides that certain individuals: (1) may petition for an injunction; (2) may bring an action for the recovery of damages; and (3) are entitled to attorney's fees; if a dismemberment abortion is performed.



HB 1211 seeks to end the grizzly practice of dismemberment abortions.  A dismemberment abortion typically occurs after the 1st trimester of pregnancy and involves cutting or pulling the baby apart before removing the baby from the womb.  This barbaric procedure has been used by abortionists in order to secure baby organs for sale (video evidence by The Center for Medical Progress is below).  It is believed that serial killer abortionist and convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell (his horrific crimes are the center of the Gosnell Movie) also used this procedure in order to secure trophies for himself.  HB 1211 would end this terrible practice and punish abortionists who continue to use this brutal procedure.
For more information, Family Research Council has a great in-depth explanation of why dismemberment abortions should end.  https://downloads.frc.org/EF/EF18F25.pdf



HB 1211 would end the barbaric practice of dismemberment abortions in Indiana.  No civilized society should allow an industry to profit from tearing unborn babies apart within their mother's womb.  

IFI supports HB 1211.