SB 365: Family Care Portal


Bill Status

 Hearing scheduled for Family and Children Services Committee on 2/11/19

Bill History

  • 1/10/19  Introduced by Senator Zay
  • 1/14/19 Senator Crane added as second author


Executive Summary

SB 365 provides that DCS may collaborate with community based entities and programs designed to connect the department with supportive local community organizations including local churches and faith based organizations.



Senators Zay and Crane hope this bill will support DCS’s efforts to expand the CarePortal statewide.  A CarePortal pilot was launched in northeast Marion County in January.

The CarePortal is a very effective and efficient means of connecting the needs of vulnerable children and families with local churches in the community.  The CarePortal system includes the recruitment of participating churches and other local community organizations; communication protocols to facilitate the delivery of goods and services; training; technical assistance; as well as the physical delivery of those goods and services by the faith community.  The existing pilot is focused on meeting the needs of at-risk children and families that come to the attention of DCS with the goal of strengthening families and preventing entries into the foster care system.

The CarePortal has been implemented in 18 other states, meeting the needs of over 35,000 children through over 175 churches to date.



Senators Zay and Crane believe SB 365 will support DCS’s efforts to engage the faith community and other community based organizations through initiative such as the CarePortal and bring visibility to the value of and need for public/private partnerships involving the church community.

IFI supports SB 365.